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Terrazzo stairs

01/03/2017 Simon Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

As part of the structural design development for the two-storey feature staircase in our refurbishment and extension project Notting Hill Villa, a full-scale mock-up (complete with small decorative touches!) has recently been completed to test the defection and workmanship of the fully cantilevered reinforced terrazzo treads. Through careful coordination between the specialist structural engineer, interior designer, Italian terrazzo specialist and Patalab, the deflection has been minimised to only 3mm, whilst managing to maintain the impressively thin 80mm thick tread key to the overall weightlessness of the design. A light bronze balustrade will wrap around and complete the part spiral stair, helping further reduce the deflection through sharing some of the structural load of the cantilever.



Gardens Illustrated

26/02/2017 Uwe Categories: Projects, General, Lab of Pata,

Our Wimbledon Garden Room has been featured in the February issue of Gardens Illustrated.

To read the story click here.

New Project on site

17/02/2017 Lelia Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

BH1, one of our new residential refurbishment and extension projects now well under construction.

Incredible industrial style home

21/01/2017 Uwe Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

Another article about The Gables has been featured on online platform homify in their article “A gorgeous garage conversion that gives you hope”.

“Today we’re taking a look at one such creative endeavour, as we tour an incredible industrial-style home that was once a garage. Let’s take a look at what London architects, Patalab Architecture have done with the space…”

To read the full article click here.

Teaching: Porto Field Trip

04/12/2016 Uwe Categories: General, Lab of Pata,

This year’s field trip took UEL’s March Unit 2 to Porto, exploring Portugal’s second largest city. Located along the Douro river estuary, Porto is one of the oldest European centres, and its historical core was proclaimed a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1996. We not only delved into the rich Portuguese social and urban culture but also visited the city’s historic and contemporary architectural gems.

Venice office trip

13/11/2016 Laurianne Categories: Practice, General, Lab of Pata,

The ‘Patalab team recently ventured to Venice to see the Venice Biennale whilst taking in the city scenes in both the sun and November’s foggy colours.
Our long weekend included the exploration of traditional architecture forming the walls of the intertwining canals, and the works of their local architect and one of our heros, Carlo Scarpa. The Biennale was a contrast to the historical city. There was a mixture of innovative architectural solutions, in the exhibitions, tackling the world’s modern day issues of human conflict and our impact on the natural world, as well as celebrating the possibilities in which we take our next steps in architectural design.

We returned filled with much cappuccino and inspiration!

The Gables featured on Abitare

04/11/2016 Uwe Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

We are delighted that our project The Gables has been featured on Abitare, one of Italian's leading design magazines and online platforms.
In the article "Living in an old garage", Irene Guzman describes the tranformation of a run-down industrial compound into high-end residential accommodation. "In London Patalab transformed an old garage into three residential accommodations. With a post-industrial feel and surprising touches ..."

To read the full story, click here.



Garden Room featured on Domus

30/10/2016 Uwe Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

We are delighted that our recently completed Garden Room in London’s Wimbledon has been featured on Domus.

“English studio Patalab was appointed to create a timber garden room as part of a wider refurbishment of an Edwardian house in Wimbledon. The project was for a couple about to retire, and therefore wanting to spend more time in their garden, potting and tending plants and enjoying a transition space as part of their home. The new garden room was thus a focal aspect of the overall project. …”

To read the full article click here

The Gables Transformation

10/10/2016 Uwe Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

Our project The Gables has been featured in the Homify article “Impressive living room transformations that will WOW”.

The article says that “you would never even guess this was the same space! The dramatic angular planes and gentle curves are complimented by sophisticated materials. Concrete and timber are elegantly lit by the thoughtfully designed lighting. There couldn't be a better way to conclude this stunning before and after series.”

To read the full article click here.

Housing Specification

01/08/2016 Uwe Categories: Projects, General, Lab of Pata,

Very pleased to see our project "The Gables" being featured in June/July’s issue of Housing Specification.

Parliament Hill House

29/07/2016 Libby Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

Works to a semi-detached family house in Hampstead Heath commenced in spring of this year, starting with internal demolitions and the excavation of a basement level beneath the house and garden. The latest photographs show that the underpinning to the basement and the installation of the structural steelwork is nearly complete. We are now preparing to begin the total refurbishment of the 5-storey property and the construction of its rear extension!



Tree house design

19/07/2016 Simon Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

We’re fortunate enough to work on a wide range of projects here at ‘Patalab; one of our more unconventional was a brief to design a treehouse for the family of Heath House in Hampstead. Two designs aiming to complement the extension and landscape design playfully were developed through sketches, digital models and renders.

The preferred option took cue from the familiar archetypal house form, extruded and elevated through as series of cedar beams. Wrapping around, yet structurally independent from the 15m high poplar tree, the treehouse spreads across a number of levels and includes a lookout for the kids to play and interact.



New Article featuring The Gables

18/07/2016 Uwe Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

We are delighted that our project The Gables has been featured in another article on Homify. This feature focuses on timber and how it can be uses in domenstic interiors.

To read the full artice click here.



Mayfair offices

27/06/2016 Lelia Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

We are very excited to have started working on a new project in Mayfair, central London. We are developing design options for the refurbishment and extension for an existing six storey office building in Mayfair with the aim of creating an unique work environment of highest standards. 

Notting Hill Villa staircase

24/06/2016 Simon Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

The staircase is the crux of most buildings, and often the focal point to many of our schemes here at 'Patalab. For our new refurbishment and extension project at Notting Hill Villa, we are currently developing and exploring design options for a light, bronze balustrade wrapping around the proposed cantilevered terrazzo feature staircase.



Soho Terrace featured on Descroll

15/05/2016 Uwe Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

Our recently completed office to residential conversion in the heart of London’s Soho has been featured on Descroll, an international design online platform, bringing together stories from Architecture, Product Design and Interiors.

To read the full article click here.

Radical Transformations

23/03/2016 Uwe Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

We are delighted to see The Gables featured in the March issue of property e-magazine in an article by Simon Cairnes:

It’s hard to imagine it now, but The Gables, in northwest London, was once a commercial complex - home to a mechanic’s garage and an office. Built in the 50s, not only was it full of unrelated spaces, it was also landlocked in a courtyard– sandwiched between a railway line and a terrace of Victorian houses. For the architect, Patalab Architecture, the challenge was to somehow introduce both light and some sort of cohesion to this difficult site.

To see the full article click here.



Vienna office trip

23/02/2016 Libby Categories: Practice, General, Lab of Pata,

The 'Patalab team recently visited Vienna for a long weekend exploring the city and its architecture.

Most surprising was the boldness with which the city juxtaposed grand Baroque architecture with bold, contemporary interventions - setting Olafur Eliasson's Baroque Baroque exhibition in the 17th Century Winterpalais; or the parasitic rooftop extension placed by Coop Himmelblau on top of a Falkestrasse lawyer's office. We were lucky enough to be given a talk by the project architect of this seminal deconstructivist project, Franz Sam.

The more recent cultural history of the city was evident in some exceptional examples of the Art Nouveau style, as well as architecture's first steps towards the Modernist movement - buildings which at the time were rebellious and pioneering.

We were also able to experience some of Vienna's contemporary cutting edge architecture in progress, visiting architecture schools in the midst of their final reviews, and the offices of Viennese colleagues The Next ENTERprise Architects for an inspiring discussion about their process and projects. Thanks to Marie-Therese Harnoncourt.



The Gables featured in Metro

27/01/2016 Uwe Categories: Practice, General, Lab of Pata,

Very delighted to see The Gables being featured in today's Metro. The project has made it on the front cover of the newspapers' property section.

Wimbledon Extension

17/01/2016 Simon Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

A taster of our Wimbledon extension project near completion, featuring this dissipating cedar Brise Soleil.

Homify article featuring The Gables

17/01/2016 Uwe Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

"Patalab Architecture managed to embrace all the challenges thrown their way to create a stunning example of a modern home ..."

To read the full article click here

Shoreditch High Street Staircase

27/11/2015 Simon Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

Here at Patalab, we are always intrigued to see our designs come to life and explore the many manufacturing progresses often involved in turning the virtual into reality. The new staircase featured in our office refurbishment for Shoreditch High Street is no exception; recently we were fortunate to visit the fabricator’s workshop in Nottingham. Whilst state of the art CNC laser cutters were used to precisely cut and translate the 3D information to create the stringer sections, it was fantastic to see that traditional bending methods are still prevalent in tailoring the unique curvature of all the sculptural curves intrinsic to this stair.

The bulk of the stair has now been secured to the structure on site, and the curving vertical sections - which accentuate and complete the space - will soon be connected like a giant Meccano set. The finished stair is due to reveal itself through the curtain-glazed façade of Shoreditch High Street by the end of this year.

For more information on the project click here.



Teaching: Marrakech field trip

23/11/2015 Uwe Categories: General, Lab of Pata,

UEL's Unit 2 spent nine intensive days in Marrakech and conducted thorough urban research. Studying social, spatial and cultural conditions, the students delved into the city's rich context and laid foundations for their design projects. These will be developed further later in the academic year and respond to the various indentified challenges Marrakech is facing.

For more information about unit 2 click here.



Mews House Extension wins planning

06/11/2015 Libby Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

Patalab have been granted planning permission for an extension to a conservation area mews house in central London.

The two-storey mews house will be enlarged to accommodate a growing family by the addition of basement storey below and a roof extension and roof terrace above.
Internally, the property will be remodelled and refurbished to suit the family's requirements for light and open living space. The property occupies a complex and crowded site and the design development process has been a long one, so we are very excited to finally get the green light!



Primrose Townhouse: site progress

05/11/2015 Ollie Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

Works on site are in full swing: the steel frames are in position, access to the roof terrace has been established and the second fix of electrical services completed. In the coming weeks the new floor, wall and ceiling finishes will be installed, with project completion anticipated by the end of this year.

Belzise Park Apartment: site progress

21/10/2015 Libby Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

The joinery installation is well underway in our Belsize Park Apartment. Panelling forms a recurring theme throughout the project, interacting with the volumetric arrangement of double and triple height spaces and the open plan ground floor. The joinery design has been key to the development of the scheme, and the install is starting to highlight the eccentric character of this unique dwelling. We look forward to seeing it complete!



Marylebone Penthouse: topping out

12/10/2015 Jordan Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

'Patalab Architecture’s Marylebone Penthouse was topped-out over the weekend with the installation of giant sliding and walk on rooflights. The apartment is now water tight and filled with natural light - it’s great to see the build come to life after a period of such intense construction. The rooflights were craned onto site in pieces and assembled the same day by a team of experts from Slimline Glazing.

Zieselhouse: site progress

18/09/2015 Uwe Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

Latest photographs from our Berlin site. Basement and ground floor walls have been errected, whilst the top floor walls will be completed in a few weeks time.

To find out more about the project click here.

Feature in RIBA publication

16/09/2015 Uwe Categories: Practice, General, Lab of Pata,

Double spread in RIBA's Interiors 15 publication; featuring our residential conversion The Gables in Primrose Hill, North West London and our office refurbishment at 66 St James's Street in London’s West End.

Office building on Shoreditch High Street

12/09/2015 Simon Categories: Projects, Lab of Pata,

Photos documenting site progress on our office refurbishment and feature staircase project Shoreditch High Street by Jan Piotrowicz.

To find out more about the project click here.