Exhibition at Tenderpixel Gallery, London


Project Date: 2012

Status: Exhibition

Location: Tenderpixel Gallery, Covent Garden, London


‘PataSpaces is a collaboration between 'Patalab and UberRaum Ltd and exhibits three different fields of work:


- The Poet’s Garden by Uwe Schmidt-Hess: A cybernetic garden of sensitive machines investigates dynamic notions of architecture in which objects and shapes are absent but where spaces are elastic, ephemeral and vagrant.

- The Lost Spaces of Stiller by Markus Seifermann: Using the novel ‘Stiller’ by Swiss author Max Frisch as a trigger, the topic of identity is discussed by collaging fragmented spaces as an approximation to an invented personality.

- Realized Buildings by 'Patalab: A built portfolio which encompasses residential, commercial and governmental projects.

The viewers are invited to study the margin between the works in order to explore the ‘PataSpace.

More information at www.tenderpixel.com