Space Episodes

Architectural Forum, St Gallen


Project Date: 2010

Status: Exhibition

Location: Architectural Forum, St Gallen


When is the architect in a position to be able to respond to the guiding idea set out by the great sociologist Henri Lefebvre: that he needs to be clear about the space first, before starting to think about the architecture? When we think about the act of building, this idea is easily forgotten. Then space normally means something three dimensional which on the one hand is tangible and can
be experienced by our senses but on the other has to respond in the first instance to rigid regulations, planning guidelines and budgets. However, what spheres could be reached, when following Lefebvres recommendation!

In this spirit, Uwe Schmidt-Hess conducts design based spatial research. His architectural installation was presented at the Architectural Forum of East Switzerland in St Gallen. By questioning supposedly settled spatial agreements, new potential of architecture was demonstrated. Architecture as generator of a general truth does not exist anymore. Rather it emerges in the irregular and idiosyncratic.


Exhibition Design: 'Patalab and UberRaum Ltd