Park House

Private residence, London


Project Date: 2008 - 2010

Client: Private

Status: Built

Location: Notting Hill, London

Heritage: Grade II listed

In collaboration with: UberRaum Ltd


As part of the highly conserved Ladbroke Terrace in Notting Hill, this Grade II listed building is a valuable asset in its historical context. Acknowledging the status of the house, the remodelling and refurbishment provides a spatial configuration in sympathy with its original building fabric. Previously separated into three different flats with cellular layouts, the six storey house is transformed into a modern, open living accommodation for a young family.

The terrace is situated between a highly articulated urban street realm and a magnificent communal park. Responding to this threshold condition, the interior
provides a high degree of spatial permeability, drawing the light of the street and the lushness of the park deep into the house. The living areas are connected via large openings, addional and easier access into the park is created and hidden terraces on the top floor provide stunning vistas across city and tree tops.