Archaeological Centre Mainz


Project Date: 2009

Client: City of Mainz

Status: Open Competition

Location: Mainz, Germany

In collaboration with: UberRaum Ltd


The RGZM (Roemisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum) is an internationally-active research institute for archaeology. Research projects extend from the earliest human history into the Middle-Ages.

This new museum is designed to form a landmark and a gateway building  in the city centre of Mainz. It combines three different museums with a library, as well as conservation workshops and laboratories for the researchers.

Located next to the existing museum for ancient navigation the concept suggests a new urban link to important archeological sites in close proximity. The entire ground floor acts as a public platform for special exhibition- and educational purposes. Each of the three museums is situated in an individual cone, allowing for a maximum user-flexibility. All museum-cones are open to the public area on the ground floor. Additionally the research centre embraces the arrangement at a sky-level, offering excellent daylight conditions and quiet workspaces for restoration work. 

The Landscape Architect, Structural Engineer and Environmental Egineer were involved from an early stages to respond to this complex brief.