House of Fairytales

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Project Date:
Client: Odense City Museums
Status: Open competition
Location: Odense, Denmark

The House of Fairytales is conceived as a continuous landscape, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior, between house and garden. The world of Hans Christian Andersen converges both realms. As a consequence, the Fairytale Garden is spilt and the house hovers therein: embedded into the landscape, whilst paradoxically elevated above.

This approach creates daring, narrative and alluring transitional spheres where the world of fairytales offers the opportunity to mediate between reality and imagination. The architectural articulations result from sculpting the garden around an array of imaginative objects that come the life through their interaction with visitors. These include The Castle of the Sea King, The Spiral Memory, The Shadow Play, The Elfin Hill, The Friendly Polypus and the Moon.