Post Quarters

Mixed use development, Ravensburg


Project Date: 2011

Client: City of Ravensburg

Status: Open competition, Shortlisted

Location: Ravensburg, Germany

In collaboration with: UberRaum Ltd


This proposal for the urban redevelopment of the Post Quarters is a sympathetic composition of space and scale, augmenting the long-established identity of the area with a new found clarity of function, form and direction. It aims to enhance the connection between the old town of Ravensburg, the railway station and the bus station by defining distinct axes of direction through the development.

The quarter is broken down into a compilation of complimentary buildings which accommodate a hotel, offices and retail areas. They reflect the surrounding context and integrate the existing building, using the building edges to increase the visual impact of the passageways in between. The passageways, balconies and courtyard form a new space of tranquillity, as well as creating further thoroughfares between the station and the city.

The new Postal Quarter binds together a heterogeneous site into a coherent, engaging and efficient development. It is the gateway to the city and the starting point for the revitalisation and redevelopment of Ravensburg.